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Our main event, The FLATHEAD CLASSIC sled dog race is a multi-class, multi-sport race, scheduled this season for February 23rd and 24th, 2019 hosted by Dog Creek Lodge and Nordic. Be sure to look through the website and connect on social media to stay up to date on the upcoming race.

Events that took place in the 2018 Flathead Classic  included 1 and 2-dog Skijoring, 2-dog junior, 4 & 6 dog sprint as well as 8 & 12-dog distance classes. Our sprint classes raced 5 - 18 miles on the nordic trails at and around Dog Creek Lodge and the distance classes raced on the Stillwater State Forest north of the Lodge in the Whitefish Mountain Range.

Sponsors brought prizes and cash to the mushers who raced with their teams and Dog Creek Lodge catered to race audiences with breakfast and lunch at the ski shop and cafe.   

Thanks to all who sponsored, raced, and attended! We look forward to seeing you on February 23rd and 24th at Dog Creek Lodge!

Check out past races.

A worthy CAUSE.

In 2018, Snow Action Sports was able to donate $500 to K9 Care of Montana. K9 Care and it's programs aim to provide fully trained service dogs to children with autism and wounded veterans. Visit to learn more about K9 Care of Montana and thank you for your support.


SNOW ACTION SPORTS Inc. is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and advancement of working sled dogs and sled dog sports in the state of Montana. Snow Action Sports Inc’s main goal is to provide opportunities for dog mushers and the general public to connect, giving an insight into the world of working sled dogs and sled dog sports. Snow Action Sports Inc. aims to accomplish these goals through educational outreach, organizing sled dog races and collaborating with our local community and businesses throughout our events.

Sled dogs are incredible athletes, and when given the opportunity to show off their true talent, people begin to understand the history of the long used term, “man’s best friend.”


We want to give special recognition to the organizers of Flathead Sled Dog Days, which brought 5 great years of Dog-Powered Sports to the Flathead Valley.  We’re excited to move forward with your insights and your dreams in the form of dog-powered, adrenaline pumping, snow slinging MUSHING. Give your dogs a stomach scratch, a pat on the head, and we’ll see you on the trails. Cheers to the past, present, and future years of Mushing in Northwest Montana!


The Crew



Board Member, SASI

I thought it would be a great idea to volunteer my time with a nonprofit organization and dogsled race. I began running dog teams as a commercial guide in Colorado in the winter season of 07'/08'. What started as picking up poop and feeding a pack full of enthusiastic dogs turned into an obsession. I continued running teams as a guide in Montana where I met the Website Guru. I love dogs. I love dogs with a job. I'm not a fan of fleece lined dog booties. I like bringing people of all backgrounds and interests together for exciting things like mushing.


Board Member, SASI

My passions are skijoring, dog mushing, writing, teaching girls, gardening, canning, hiking and spending time with my family. I got my start driving a team down McDonald Pass and offered to help with Race to the Sky 32 years ago and I'm still on the board of directors and the only Race Secretary Race to the Sky has ever had. I've written numerous articles about dog mushing for state, national and international publications, authored "Twenty Years and Still Going to the Dogs" and wrote the Dog Mushing Educational Book for Montana schools. My house dogs have consisted of rescued Akitas and I'm proud to say, they have all become amazing skijoring dogs. My husband, Jack and I own Adanac Sleds and Equipment, a mushing manufacturing web-based company which was founded in 1976. In a few words, "Our life has always been richer because of our dogs."



Board Member, SASI

In 2006 I returned home to Montana. I met Steve Riggs, his kennel of beautiful pure bred Siberians and spent our first year together handling. It didn't take long before the mushing bug bit me and I put together my first team of Alaskans - special thanks to Allan Berge - Casper Wyo. I specialized in 6-8 dog mid distance races in MT, WY, WA, and ID. After 6 yrs of racing it was time for me to pass my dogs on to Steve and focus on other interests. I work at Kalispell Regional hospital in Oncology and help with the local cancer support groups and programs. During the summer months, Steve and I spend time on the trails with our horses Gypsy and Bugle, enjoying the mountains, lakes and rivers in the beautiful Flathead Valley.



VIM (Very Important Musher)

Bio coming soon!



Board Member, SASI

Bio coming soon!



Website Administrator.

Dog Lover. Musher stranded in North Carolina.